Why eat this way? Why subject yourself to a barrage of questions and accusations from friends, family and associates? Three basic reasons:

Diet vs Western Diseases
1) It’s the healthiest, nature-intended way for us to eat. It avoids all diet-related diseases that are so prevalent in the west.

Happy Cows
2) It’s good or better for the animals. There are plenty of websites devoted to the horror that animals are subjected to on their way to produce dairy or end up on a plate. This site won’t focus on those issues, but needless to say, if they’re not dead on your plate, they’re enjoying themselves more.

Meat consumption and CO2
3) This lifestyle, if widely adopted, would save the planet. Period. Did you know that more damage is done to our planet by the methane that comes out of animals we raise for food than by ALL TRANSPORTATION on the planet? It’s true.

Simply put, populations who eat the way that we do in America get a slew of diseases, including Autoimmune disease, brain disease, cancer, diabetes, eye disease, heart disease, obesity, kidney stones, osteoporosis and more. Why not make yourself immune to these diseases, or at the very least, radically decrease your chances of ever suffering through one or more of these diseases?