This is the one of my favorite lectures that I have seen thusfar on the Whole-Food Plant-Based movement (and I’ve seen over 65 hours of them!) This lecture is by Dr. John McDougall and his Starch Solution (now available in a book – see our resources section.) In this lecture, Dr. McDougall goes over the science of what humans should be eating and why. Life-changing!

This is a long one, but a great summary of the teachings of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. As a special bonus, there’s a fantastic section at the end where Dr. Esselstyn’s wife Ann does a section on shopping and cooking. She’s a pip!

I love this lecture by Dr. Doug Lisle. This is one of the most impactful lectures I’ve watched – explaining how calorie density makes all the difference in the world in how full you feel (or don’t feel) when you eat. Highly recommended!

Here’s a video from nutritionist Jeff Novick. You’ll find one of his full lectures below in my playlist, but I wanted to highlight one of the segments from his DVD Fast Food. Love Jeff Novick!

If you’ve made it through those, you’re really hard-core! Congratulations. Below is a playlist containing most of the lectures/videos I’ve watched over the past several months. There’s a lot of them. Click on te word ‘playlist’ in the top left to see all the videos to choose from. Enjoy!