Five Things You Can Do Today To Change Your Life

Make a commitment to truth, compassion, calm, acceptance and forgiveness. Put these into practice as best you can every day, unconditionally and without exceptions. If you do this consistently: happiness, health, relationships and material success will all improve. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE VIDEO

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30 Reasons to Go Vegan

Happy World Vegan Month! Here are 30 reasons to try Veganism, one for each day in November: 1. Raising and slaughtering animals at the current rate of consume demand requires horrific, inhumane, torturous practices that cause immense suffering of billions of animals a year. 2. We will need 1.5 to 2 earths in order to …

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First, Do No Harm

A significant premise of the Hippocratic oath, which Physicians take upon receiving their medical degree, is to “first, do no harm.” For all intents and purposes, healthcare professionals aim to care for their patients with the goal of ameliorating their ails, injuries, and protecting their lives and well-being to the best of their ability. Quite …

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Without loving acts, loving words are meaningless.

Talk is cheap. Talk is easy. Walking the talk? Not so much so. And yet massively more important, critically important to satisfying and sustainable relationships. If you care for someone, it's nice to tell them but more important that you show them in your actions, empathy, and your acts of compassion and consideration. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO

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The Healing Power of the 12 Steps

The 12 Steps have true healing power. Based on the Sermon On The Mount, they are grounded in truth, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and service to others. They have much to teach all of us, whether or not we are alcoholics or addicts. Here is some 12 Step wisdom that all of us can apply in our lives. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO

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What The World Needs Now Is Love

Unconditional Love: Not just for some, but for everyone! SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO

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Jesus Was Waterboarded On The Cross


"Chihuahua Rescued From Divider On California Highway" - This isn't just a cute little dog rescue story. On a deeper level it is a metaphor for man's relationship to his fellow man. The compassion, patience and tenderness of this police officer is what the world needs now on a global scale for its survival. Forget about climate change wiping us out. We're wiping ourselves out.

Diversity is a beautiful thing when it unifies rather than separates and divides. Unfortunately, we are in the "separates and divides" portion of the Program. Our insane rage, our fear-based prejudices are divisive, not inclusive, and as such can only lead to chaos, anarchy, war, and mass exterminations on a level that would have had adolph hitler in awe.

The fact that this story touches one's heart is beautiful. That police officer was a savior of sorts and a savior is what the world needs now. A sage. A wise man. Oh the courage it would take. Look how well it worked for Jesus. Yes, he is revered by hundreds of millions of people but he was still waterboarded on a cross. And 2014 years later we're still at it, victimizing and persecuting our fellow man, particularly those who are "different from us."

So what's my point? Each of us must do the best we can to take the spark of humanity this story touched in our hearts and fan it into a frenzy of humanistic behavior: The End Of Judgment! Unconditional compassion and forgiveness, without exception, towards family, friends, co-workers, peers, acquaintances, servers at restaurants, strangers, enemies, animals, plants of all races, colors and creeds!

Be the Best Savior You Can Be!

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Survival of the Fittest

I just nominated myself to be a speaker at the next TED Conference. The Theme is "Truth and Dare." The application asked me to explain how my "Forgive To Win!" talk would fit into that theme. This is what I wrote: The Truth: That survival of the fittest, on a global level, no longer means survival of the physically fittest. It means survival of the spiritually fittest. If we are to survive and thrive we must shift from a mentality of judgment, differences, separation, fear, threat and aggression to a mindset of unity, cooperation, compassion, generosity, forgiveness. We must embrace the concept that we are all in this together, that aggression and war are bandaids. They never heal any wounds. The Dare: People need to dare to challenge their fear that love (acceptance, and forgiveness) can't conquer all. It can. It's not easy. But it will be done. One mind at a time.

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Making the Most of a Bad Relationship

If you are in a bad relationship and have decided to stay there, then instead of co-existing with your partner in a perpetual state of anger and angst, find a way to accept, tolerate and forgive. You'll both be a lot happier despite the relationship's limitations.SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO

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Think Good Thoughts: Read The Pillars of Health

Do Good Deeds When You Are Done

John Pierre, the nutrition and fitness consultant who works with celebrities, the military, corporations, seniors, and children, challenges one-dimensional views of health in his book The Pillars of Health. He describes four categories of daily choices to cultivate to achieve lifelong well-being, fun, and a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose. Even more, this book is suffused with compassion and John Pierre Cover photo smaller.jpgcaring for readers. You will feel like John Pierre is your personal coach, cheering you on to make better choices without demanding perfection.

The essential pillars of health are nutrition, mind, motion, and compassion. Take away any one of these foundations, and support for your health is wobbly. Take away two or more, and you may end up coping with pain, illness, and disability.

The author's solutions are infused with playfulness, delight, and delicious taste. John Pierre gives you hundreds of specific, practical steps, complete with photos, stories, and recipe ideas, to strengthen each of the pillars of health, rebuilding them from the ground up if you need to. You will find out about nourishing foods, creative stimulation for you mind, fun ways to move, and a compassionate way of relating to your fellow beings.

I was fortunate to hear John Pierre present at Healthy Taste of LA and talk with him after to get more insight into how he came to write The Pillars of Health and what he wants you to learn from his book. I was fascinated to discover that, while still in high school, John Pierre adopted a vegan diet, and has found it effortless to stick to for 30 years. "I have never been tempted to eat my friends since I found out how farmed animals are treated," he told me. Even in high school, he intuitively grasped the connection between animal and human suffering, writing papers on both animal rights and women's rights.

Since then, John Pierre has championed the vulnerable, especially senior citizens, women, and children warped by nutrient-deficient food and societal-approved violent lyrics and games. In The Pillars of Health, he shares the creative methods he has developed to get you on the fast track to vibrant health

Continue to read the secrets of the four pillars of health

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